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Welcome to the Northfield Woodworking Machinery's Tech Tips page. Here you will find help with technical questions that you may have with some of our machinery.


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Once you have a copy of Acrobat Reader, click on the links below to view the full brochures of machines.



240 Facer-Planer Tech Tips #1

240 Facer-Planer Tech Tips #2

#7 Planer 25-20 Metric Adjustment Instructions

#7 Planer 25-20 Drilling Procedure

#7 & #8 Planers Tech Tips #1

#7, #8 & #737 Tech Tips #2

Band Saws

36" Band Saw Table To Blade Line Relationship

36" Carter Wheel Hub to Rim Relationship [1]

36" Carter Wheel Hub to Rim Relationship [2]

Bandsaw Upper Wheel Brake Plate Alignment

Dings Brake Service Bulletin for 25 & 50 ft. lb. Brakes

Field Level Retargeting Lower Wheel/Quill Assembly

Installation Instructions for Endless Neoprene Bandsaw Tires

Repouring Babbitt Throats in Older Band Saw Tables

Uncrating a Bandsaw

Upper Wheel Brake Squeal

Uni-Point Radial Saw

Field Level Hand Brake Installation

Ladder Bearing Setting

New Style Guard Installation

Ram Rewind Mounting Instructions



Under Table Cut-Off Saws

Blade Guard Solution for Models 410s, 612 & 1012 Upcut Saws

Cast Iron Finger Stop for 1" Square Bars Stand To Stop Relationships

Field Level Air Over Oil Feed Conversion for Model 612 & 1012 Upcut Saws

Field Level Removal of Air Over Oil Feed for Model 6112 & 1012 Upcut Saws

Models 410s, 612 & 1012 Guard Pressure Switch Field Level Retrofit

Model 612 & 1012 Double Palm Button Anti Tie Down Field Level Retrofit

Testing Bachman Pulse Valves

Bachman Pulse Valve Upgrade

Table Saw

Aligning Arbor Motor for #4 Saws

Dissasembly Of Open Style Arbor Motors

Field Level R & P Fence Installation

Oversize Fence Pin Installation

Mounting Hand Brake

Mounting Limit Switch on Hand Brake


Changing Big Bearing on Belt Drive Jointer Yokes

Dialing Knife Grinder Rail To Straight Knife Cutter Heads

Jointer Spring Joint Attachments

"Quicksharp" Knife Grinder


Dialing Knife Grinder Rail To Straight Knife Cutter Heads


Furnas Melting-Alloy Overload Heater Table



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