Mortise Chain Sharpener

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To get the most efficiency from mortise chain, the cutting teeth in the chain need to be ground to the identical pitch and length. This can only be accomplished with the Northfield Mortise Chain Sharpener.

The spindle that holds the grinding wheel is adjustable horizontally so that the grinding wheel may be aligned to the tooth pitch as the chain hangs on the master sprocket.

The master sprocket is mounted on a traversing shaft that is adjustable vertically so that the tooth grind depth can be set.

The chain is sharpened one tooth at a time. The traversing shaft which holds the master grind sprocket is then rotated to the next tooth by means of an integral spring loaded ratchet stop.

A different master grind sprocket is required for the various pitch and chain widths.

The grinding wheel rim radius will need to be dressed to accommodate the varying tooth profiles used in mortise chain.

The grinder comes equipped with a 1/2 HP TEFC motor. 115/60/1

The shipping weight is approximately 170lbs.