#2 Planer-Surfacer 18"

  • Low Maintenance
  • Simple, Efficient Design
  • Traditional Dependability

A Precision Built Machine or proven design utilizing ideas and components to provide the user with a machine to meet the most demanding and varied needs of today's production and vocational woodworking.


Nominal Size 18" x 8"
Cylinder 3-1/2" cutting circle, 4 knife, high carbon steel, micrometer-type knife raising screws
Knife Size 5/32" x 1-1/8" x 18-1/8" high speed steel
Drive Direct Motor or VEE-belt
Motors Cutterhead---5, 7-1/2, HP totally enclosed fan cooled. Feed: 1/2
Voltage 208-220/440, 550 volt 60 cycle, 3 phrase std. (1 phase 3 HP & 5 HP)
RPM Direct Motor Drive---3600 VEE-belt---4500 (or customer's specifications)
Lower Feed Rolls 2-13/16" sealed-for-life bearings
Upper Feed Rolls

INFEED: 2-1/2" diameter, corrugated solid steel, power driven, sealed-for-life ball bearings.

OUTFEED: 2-1/2" solid steel, power driven, sealed-for-life ball bearings

Maximum Stock Width 18"
Shortest Butted Piece 4"
Shortest Single Piece 7-1/2"
Maximum Stock Thickness 8"
Minimum Stock Thickness 1/8"
Maximum Depth of Cut 1/4"
Feed Speed 20 to 50 lineal feet per minute (higher or lower available in same ratio)
Controls Double magnetic switch, single pushbutton
Floor Space 55" x 36"
Base Large box-type
Net Weight 1525 lbs.*
Domestic Shipping Weight 1600 lbs.*
Export Shipping Weight 1800 lbs.*
Cubic Export Crate Size 108 Cu. Ft.

* Add 150 lbs. if knife grinder is ordered with machine.


  • Shavings hood for connection to blower system
  • Knife grinder and jointing attachment
  • Knurled infeed roll
  • Rubber sectional infeed roll
  • Modifications to customer's orders