90 Degree Cutoff Saw

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Available with Hydraulic Crossfeed

With a telescoping ram, the entire upper assembly recedes at the completion of each cutting stroke, leaving table free and clear for measuring and other work. No long arm to work around. Convenient, simple.

Work Always in Full View

Specifications Model X36C

**Now Available: Single Phase Arbor Motors
These motors are available for new machines an retrofitting applications.
Pricing: Add $310.00 to 5HP 3 phase Price.
5 HP 1 phase motors pull 22 full load Amps.

Motor Horsepower 5hp 7-1/2hp 10hp
Saw Diameter 16"
Saw Hole 1"
Dado* Largest Width on Standard Mandrel 1-9/16"
Dado* Largest Width on 1-3/8" Standard Mandrel 3"
Maximum Depth of Cut (16" Saw) 4-1/2"
Cross Cut Capacity


NOTE: Machine may be equipped for up to 25" cross cut capacity. Contact factory for depth of cut limitations.

Motor Lowers, Center of Arbor to Table Top, Min 3-5/8"
Size of Table 30" x 48"
Height of Table 32"
Floor Space, Overall 48" x 60"
Approx. Net Weight 620 lbs
Approx. Shipping Weight 820 lbs
Approx. Shipping Weight, (Export) 1020 lbs
Cubic Contents (Export) cu. ft. 104 lbs
* Special Dado Guard Must Be Used

Standard Equipment: Regular machine complete with guard and kick back preventer,
magnetic starter with 110 volt at pushbutton and automatic electric brake.


Hydraulic Crossfeed, Power Clamp, 18" Blade Capacity, 20" Blade Capacity, NEMA 12 Electrics with Fused Disconnect, Rolling Tables, Graduated Gauges with Stops, Dado Extensions, Dado Guards, & Lube Systems. For extras not listed, please contact our factory.