Hydraulic Crossfeed Power Unit

For Uni-point and 90 degree Cutoff Saws

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This powered crossfeed features a rugged rack & pinion drive with a 3/4 horsepower hydraulic power unit. Conveniently located flow-control valves allow the operator to independently set cut and retract speeds. A movable foot pedal controls cutting and retract strokes. Cut and retract speeds are infinitely adjustable from a creep feed to 40 FPM. A pilot operated 4 way valve provides deceleration at the end of the cut, minimizing fishtailing of the blade during the retract stroke.

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3/4 HP
Pump Volume 3 GPM
System Pressure 180 PSI
Reservoir Volume 7 Gallons
Type of Oil Mobil DTE Light
Feed Rate 0-40 FPM
Voltage 230/460/60/3