Model 1700 - Automatic Panel Stacker

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Fully Automatic ---Stacks the output of panel processing equipment.

Versatile ---Handles a wide range of sizes and materials. Finished loads are accessible from three sides.

Portable ---Can be moved by one person for use with different machines in your plant.

Self-Contained ---No other equipment such as scissors lifts to buy.

Labor-Saving ---Reduces handling cost, eliminates a tedious job.


The Model 1700 Panel Stacker is fully automatic and will handle a wide range of panel sizes and thicknesses, and a variety of different materials such as wood, fiber board, pressed wood, cardboard, and plastic. The Stacker builds a load up to five feet high on shop trucks, skids or pallets. The Stacker can be ordered with a unique attenuating device which stops the forward movement of the panel and lowers it slowly to the pile. In many applications this will eliminate the need for a backstop. The machine is ruggedly constructed, and yet portable so it can be used on different jobs. Maintenance is easy since the machine has no hydraulics, pneumatics, or complicated electronics.


Capacity of Stock 12" x 14" to 48" x 96" and up to 1-3/4" thick
Input Height Adjustment from 32-1/2" to 41"
Floor Space Required Machine is 132" long and 60" wide
Electrical Requirements

240 volt, 3 phase, 60 cycle

480 volt, 3 phase, 60 cycle

Total draw 4 amps at 230 volts

Other requirements available on special order

Electric Motors

Belt - 3/4 HP 1800 rpm

Hoist - Torque motor with brake

Lowering - 1/3 HP 3450 rpm

Electric Controls

Start - Stop

Lower - Brings output booms down to start new stack


Height switch - Micro switch mercury type

Upper limit switch - Micro switch

Load Height Up to five feet from floor
Belt Speed

95 feet per minute

Other speeds available